It is an insulating material of high purity to seal semiconductor IC.

It is an insulating material for the passive components.

The special process is given to the thermosetting resin mainly composed of epoxy resin, and the conductive material of the heat stiffening type of a possible cryogenic processing that uniformly distributes the conductive powder processed by itself.
The product with various characteristics by development and the blend of the conductive powder can be manufactured.

It is conductive paste of the baking type that distributes metallic particle (Ag,Cu,Ni) and an inorganic additive, etc. in the vehicle.
It is adjusted to the kind of the prime field and the paste characteristic corresponding to the processing condition and the spreading method, etc.

ADFLEMA films are highly non-conductive thermal cure thin adhesive films. These films are applicable for high frequency, thinner and smaller components used in semiconductors and passive components.