Dam-and-Fill Encapsulants

Dam-and-Fill Encapsulant applications

Key Features

Dam-and-Fill materials encapsulate your wire bonded device as an electrically insulating material. Dispensing a high-viscosity dam followed by a low-viscosity fill, will create a completed encapsulated package for your CSP and BGA. Dam-and-Fill materials offer high package reliability and reduced warpage.

Property Data

Product Number Characteristics Viscosity
Modulus of Elasticity
C.T.E ≦Tg
C.T.E ≧Tg
Chipcoat G8345D Sharp dam shape 55 145 17.0 15 60
Chipcoat G8345D-37 Sharp dam shape, Fine filler 60 140 10.0 25 70
Chipcoat G8345-6 Low warpage, High fluidity 60 145 18.0 15 50
Chipcoat G8345-29 Low warpage, Fine filler 35 140 14.0 17 60

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