Stretchable Pastes

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Key Features

Our stretchable pastes include (1) silver, carbon, and insulating pastes for stretchable wiring at ambient temperature applicable to e-textiles and Flexible-Hybrid Electronics, (2) silver, carbon, insulating pastes for heat molding wiring applicable to In-mold Electronics (IMS), and (3) highly stretchable conductive adhesives to mount other components on these electronic products. With our rich product lineup, we provide a comprehensive solution for your needs in these applications.

Property Data

Stretchable Pastes at Ambient Temperature

Basic Product Properties

Items Unit XE181G,
Silver paste
Carbon paste
Conductive adhesive
Insulating paste
Specific resistance Ω・cm <1×10-4 <5×10-2 <1×10-3 >1×1010
Viscosity Pa.s <500 <200 <50 <100
Nonvolatile content % 70-80 35-45 >90 20-40

Note: These numbers are not product specifications.

Change in Resistance Value at Ambient Temperature Stretch of XE181G Silver Paste

Main Applications

  • XE181G Silver Paste: Circuit patterns on substrates made of polyurethane, polyolefin, and polyester elastomer, and fabrics
  • XE182G Carbon Paste: Resistance for flexible PTC heaters, Protecting silver paste conductivity
  • XE184D Conductive Adhesive: Mounting chip components on a flexible substrate
  • XE185D Insulating Paste: Protecting silver paste insulation, Crossover bridging for wiring

Heat Molding Paste

Gathering attention as a technology allowing simplified processes, In-mold Electronics (IME), especially for auto interior parts, will enable lighter, thinner, and fewer parts.
The suitable pastes are different depending on the molding process (including method, temperature setting, and patterning design), and the compatibility with decorative inks. A comprehensive solution service is available through consultation upon request. Please contact us if you are interested in our paste materials for IME applications.

Example of IME Application

Change in Resistance Value at 160℃ Stretch of Heat Molding Silver Paste (Reference purpose only)

Pressure Molding, low temperature process is possible

Vacuum Molding, high temperature process is required


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