Stretchable Conductive Pastes

Vital organ sensors embedded in clothing

Key Features

NAMICS has developed stretchable low resistivity silver pastes, stretchable carbon pastes, stretchable printable thermo-set conductive pastes for circuit traces and stretchable conductive adhesives. The below materials are available now.

Resistivity change vs. Elongation

Property Data

Product ID Binder system Type of filler Suitable process Typical characteristics Typical applications
XE181 Thermoplastic Silver Screen print High stretch
Low resistivity
Low temp dry
Ciricuit line for signals
and/or electric power
XE182 Thermoplastic Carbon Screen print High stretch
Low temp dry
Printed heater
XE183 Thermoset Silver Screen print High durability Ciricuit line for signals
and/or electric power
XE184 Thermoset Silver Dispense High flexible Adhesives for chip
components and connectors
XE185 Dielectric fillers Screen print High flexible
High insulation
Good compatibility with conductor


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