Greetings from the President

Aim for the realization of a sustainable society together with local communities

Since its foundation in 1946, NAMICS has progressed with Japan’s economic growth. Sensing the arrival of a post-war industrial era in Japan, we quickly started to develop paints domestically and obtained a patent. After that, focusing on the electronics field, in 1954, we began developing insulating paints for ceramic capacitors, which laid the cornerstone for the present.

And now, although our products have changed, our attitudes of running parallel with social changes and technological innovations and be creating products with new values in response to the demands of the times will remain unchanged. In the electronics market where ever-new needs arise, we have engaged in R&D with industry-academia collaboration and have expanded our business field from our base in Niigata to the US, Europe, and Asia. In addition to smartphones and PCs, we are also beginning to offer products to new fields such as automobiles and medical and disaster prevention.

Our challenge will continue. Under the corporate philosophy of “mutual prosperity to both nature and mankind through creativity, innovation and sensitivity” we have established the fundamental management policy to “be the only one and number one company in the electro-chemical material field,” and we will continue to strive to realize a sustainable society.

NAMICS will continue to conduct business activities, aiming for coexistence and mutual prosperity with local communities, and contribute to the development of society.

President and Representative Director, NAMICS Corporation
Toshinobu Odajima