Development Approach

Technical Development

By refining the materials technology built up since our foundation and further strengthening the development of new technologies, NAMICS provides products which give three-dimensional form to the latent wishes of our customers. Through collaboration with our customers on products which they have suggested, we achieve product development that is dynamically in the forefront of next-generation transformations and contributes to the creation of new technical value.

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Development Concept

Using CAE (materials, structural analysis) technology in our two core material (insulation, conduction) and process (formulation, dispersion) technologies, we develop quality high-tech materials which will lead the next generation in five growth fields represented by the acronym SEEDS : (S: semi-conductor, E: environment, E: energy, D: device, S: system).

S semisemiconductor

  • Die Attach materials
  • Capillary Flow UF

E environment

  • Low-temperature /
    UV Light Curing Adhesive
  • Low-temperature Sintered Paste
    for Terminal Electrodes

E energy

  • Electrode materials for PV
  • Materials for power modules

D device

  • Adhesives for various modules

S system

  • Compound Material
    (A customer’s specification and process merits are considered.)

NAMICS Technology

We promote the development of conductive, insulation and film materials based on technology constructed from material, process and evaluation technologies. Our goal is always to transform the materials we have developed into even better products for our customers in the fields of electronics, semi-conductors, device, energy and the environment.

Semi-conductor/Electronics/Device/Energy/Environment → Technology

Cooperation with

New business creation…promotion of collaborative research through cooperation with industry, academia and government

Approximately 40 per cent of NAMICS’ sales are due to recently-developed new products. This is because at NAMICS we continually bring new products onto the market, products which we plan and propose to adapt to constantly changing new needs.
In collaboration with universities and public bodies nationwide, we are working on research and development and have already produced results with products such as solder-replacement glues, copper paste for crystalline silicon solar battery.

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