Air-curable Conductive Copper Pastes

Key Features

Heat curing conductive material with copper filler
Excellent conductivity at air-curing
Better performance than materials with silver filler in;

  • Migration resistance
  • Stability of material cost


  • XCH9207 Series
    Low viscosity and low thixotropy paste
    Suitable for various applications, especially dipping
  • XCH9207P Series
    High viscosity and high thixotropic paste
    Suitable for various applications, especially screen-printing

Property Data

Copper Filler Diameter [μm] Curing Conditions Viscosity [Pa·s] Specific Resistance Value[Ω·cm]
XCH9207 5 200 ℃, 30 min. 40 3×10-5
XCH9207P 5 200 ℃, 30 min. 200 6×10-5

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