Environment Approach

Nature and Art – harmonious coexistence between nature and mankind

At NAMICS, our management philosophy is “mutual prosperity” based on the concept of “harmonious coexistence between nature and people.” Our name, “NAMICS,” is an acronym of the first letters of the ideas underlying the corporate activities which contribute to such mutual prosperity.

One method of giving shape to our philosophy was the construction of an environment management system which obtained ISO14001 accreditation in November, 2003. We are also involved in a wide range of other activities.

Environmental Policy

Surrounded by plentiful agricultural fields, NAMICS CORPORATION is located in the eastern part of Niigata-city which has beautiful lagoons and rivers flowing into the Sea of Japan.
Since being founded over 60 years ago, it has been preserving the abundant surrounding nature. Moreover, having the keyword S.E.E.D.S. (Semiconductor, Environment, Energy, Device and System), it has concentrated on the research and development of insulating and conductive materials for electronic components, and contributed to upgrading our lives and cultures with its great variety of products. Setting the following Environmental Policies as the basis of its activities, NAMICS aims at the realization of coexistence and mutual prosperity of various relations, like the relationship between society and nature.

  1. NAMICS sets the Environmental Management as one of its most important projects, and takes its expanding social responsibilities through continuous improvements of its Environmental Management System to improve the environmental performance.
  2. NAMICS familiarizes all employees with its Environmental Policies and encourages them to be conscious of environmental problems and to contribute to society.
  3. NAMICS observes the regulations on Environmental Management. It also strives for the international cooperation based on the guidelines of related organizations, associations or those with which NAMICS has common principles, uses sustainable resource use, mitigate and adapt climate change, and protect biodiversity and ecosystem.
    Furthermore it aims at the prevention of pollution and disasters, and safe operation.
  4. Regarding the following environmental conservation activities as the focus, NAMICS performs these environmental programs.
     4.1 Energy conservation
     4.2 Promotion of 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  5. In order to reduce the environmental impact from NAMICS’ products, the following is carried out.
     5.1 R&D, and design of products where environmental impact can be limited to as little as possible
     5.2 Reduction of environmental controlled chemical substances in products and the replacement of them with alternatives
     5.3 To minimize amounts of packing materials
     5.4 To strive to use environmentally-friendly materials
  6. NAMICS sets medium-term environmental objectives matching with Environmental policy based on the evaluation results on the impact which NAMICS may have caused.
    It also plans environmental targets for each fiscal year, makes concrete action programs based on them and performs them.

Toshinobu Odajima, President

Environmental Accreditation

We maintain ISO14001 accreditation which we obtained in November, 2003.

NAMICS cares about the environment

Environmentally-friendly product development

Our idea at NAMICS is to be kind to people and the planet through the products we provide. Our lead-free products, durable products to reduce waste and RoHS-compliant products which do not use hazardous substances bear witness to our constant attention to the voice of people and the planet.
Development Approach

“Green” Purchasing

In order to provide environmentally-friendly products, we have established “green” purchasing standards in an effort to select supplies, including raw materials used in production, container and packaging materials and purchased articles, which have a low environmental impact.
In selecting materials, we have added “environment” to the traditional criteria of “quality, price and supply stability,” and our decisions are based on a global consideration of all four.

The required documents for the survey of chemical substances are here

Plant facilities which preserve blue skies and clean waterfronts

Waste Water Treatment Facility
(Head Office Plant)

NAMICS’ waste water flows through the Agano River to the Japan Sea. Waste water from our plant is purified in our waste water treatment facility, and we make every effort to prevent contamination of water quality in public lakes and rivers by strictly adhering to laws and regulations.
In addition, we also regularly measure Sulfur Oxide, Nitrogen Oxide and soot density at plant outlets which emit fumes in order to prevent air pollution.

Energy-saving facilities to make optimum use of important resources

We have introduced co-generation and installed solar panels in order to make the most efficient use of important global resources.

Co-generation (Head Office Plant)

Solar Panels


Efforts toward ZEB



Geothermal snow-melting system saves energy during winter snow removal operations