Pastes for Terminal Electrodes of Passive Components (Himec)

Pastes for Terminal Electrodes of Passive Components applications

Key Features

These electro-conductive pastes are sintered to suit specific processes, and are used for terminal electrodes of passive components for surface mounting, such as resistors, MLCCs and inductors. We are working to achieve lead-free products.

Property Data

Product Number Characteristics Applications Filler Application method Sintering
DP4000 series High reliability
lead free,
good plating fluid resistance
Chip inductors,Chip varistors,
Chip thermistors
Ag Dipping method 600~750℃
SR4000 series Good breakage properties; lead free Chip resistors Ag Screen printing 800~900℃
SR5000 series Good ohmic contact, good solderability PTC thermistors Ag Screen printing 550~650℃
6000 series High reliability;
good plating fluid resistance
MLCC Cu Dipping method 750~900℃
7000 series Excellent printing precision;
various shrinkage rates
LTCC Ag Screen printing 800~900℃


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