Highly Thermally Conductive TIM

Key Features

Highly thermally conductive TIM, Thermal Interface Material, was newly developed. This heat-curing conductive paste is suitable for applications including power modules for EV and industrial instruments and advanced semiconductor packages for ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) for automobiles and data centers/servers. The paste has excellent performance for high conductivity, 70 W/mk after curing, ensuring efficient heat conductivity inside electronic components. The paste is also designed to provide low elastic modulus property after curing to accommodate increasing size of modules and semiconductor packages.

Outline of Benefits

  • Highly thermally conductive heat curing paste with excellent heat conductivity
  • Dispensable
  • Accommodates larger-area adhesion application featuring low elastic modulus property after curing

Property Data

High thermal conductivity TIM
Viscosity 80 - 90 Pa・s @ 25℃
Curing condition - 180℃/60 min
Thermal conductivity
(Laser flash method)
3 layer
70 W/mK
Storage modulus - 1.0 GPa @ 25℃

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