Corner / Edge Bonding Pastes

Key Features

Namics’ board-level corner/edge bonding materials come in reworkable or non-reworkable types with excellent workability and securely reinforce each corner of a semiconductor package. Not requiring a package underfill process, the product allows you higher UPH, cost reduction, and higher reliability. With its high thixotropy properties, the product allows for targeted application only in areas where it is needed.

Property Data

Product Number Characteristics Viscosity [Pa・s] Thixotropy Tg[℃] Modulus
C.T.E ≦Tg
C.T.E ≧Tg
SUF1583-19 Low Tg, Reworkable 40 3 80 7 37 130
XSUF1583-28 High TG, Non-reworkable, High reliability 80 3 130 8 33 100

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