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Required documents for a new material or for the survey of chemical substances in regularly purchased materials

Today there is more and more strict attention paid to the attitudes companies have regarding environmental protection and the management of hazardous substances. As a leader in this area, NAMICS Corporation established our Green Procurement Standards in 2005 and, with the cooperation of our suppliers, has been regularly checking the chemical substances contained in our raw materials.

Now, in addition to the countries with long-standing regulations, many other countries have established new regulations and are beginning to implement them. Therefore it is necessary that we more thoroughly ensure that prohibited chemical substances are not included in our products.

In order for us to assess a new raw material or to survey the chemical substances of regularly purchased raw materials, please download the documents from the below sites, fill in the forms, and submit them to NAMICS Corporation.


English Japanese
Green-Procurement-Standards-Document Ver18 PDF English PDF Japanese
Green-Procurement-Standards-Regulated-and-Managed-Substances-list Ver.20 PDF English PDF Japanese
Green-procurement-survey-form Ver.18 Excel English Excel Japanese


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