Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding Paste

Key Features

NAMICS has developed a sprayable conductive Ag paste for EMI shielding used with semiconductor packages. The paste provides a high shielding effect over 50 dB with a 10 um or less film thickness at 150 ℃/ 60 minutes curing. It also provides a uniform coated surface by optimizing spray conditions. The paste has a long work life without utilizing a stirring device and excellent workability. Samples are available upon request.

Cross-section View

Property Data

Spray Paste
Filler Ag
Resin Thermosetting resin
Viscosity (10 rpm) mPa・s 450
T.I. (5 rpm/50 rpm) 3.0
Curing Conditions 150℃/60 min
Specific Resistance Ω・cm 4.0×10-5
Adhesive Strength
(ASTM D3559)
Shielding Effect dB 50

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