CSP/BGA Board Level Underfills (encapsulants)

CSP/BGA Board Level Underfill applications

Key Features

CSP/BGA Board Level Underfill is used for filling and sealing spaces by capillary action when doing secondary mounting of Packaged Chips to a Motherboard. CSP/BGA Board Level Underfill material improves thermal cycle performance and enhances impact resistance (drop-test qualification).

Property Data

Product Number Characteristics Viscosity
Modulus of Elasticity
C.T.E ≦Tg
C.T.E ≧Tg
SUF 1589-1 High reliability, High throughput 10.0 120 13.0 23 80
SUF 1570-2 High reliability, High throughput 40.0 135 8.0 32 100
XSUF1594-16 Repairable, High throughput 0.3 120 4.1 53 175

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