Products Under Development

Low-temperature Sintered Conductive Pastes Using MO Technology

In recent years, forming flexible electronic circuits on plastic substrates, including PET, has been studied due to demands for weight reduction and miniaturization of electronic devices.
We are currently developing silver pastes with a volume resistivity of 1.0E-06 (Ω·cm) cured at a 150℃, and we will be rolling them out in applications in the future.

Stretchable Conductive Pastes

Stretchable Conductive PastesNAMICS has developed polymer thick film conductive pastes which have very low resistivity and excellent performance when stretched. In circuit trace applications our conductive pastes can provide less than 3x10-5 W·cm with a 120 degree C cure. They retain conductivity after 100% elongation and 1,000 repeated stretches with a 10% stroke. The materials are designed for applications such as smart clothing with embedded vital organ sensors and flexible hybrid electronics.

In addition to materials for stretchable circuit traces we have developed stretchable conductive adhesives, stretchable over-coats and stretchable carbon pastes. NAMICS provides a full range of solutions for stretchable applications.

Air-curable Conductive Copper Paste

Air-curable Conductive Copper PastePrinted electronics has received increasing attention in recent years as a promising technology for the next generation of IoT. Compared with photolithography, it not only enables circuit fabrication on flexible substrates, but also cost reduction through the elimination of some processes such as exposure and etching.

Conductive paste is a key material for this technology. Currently silver is the most commonly used filler for conductive pastes due to its high conductivity and stability. However, silver has some concerns such as price volatility and ionic migration. Therefore, copper is expected to an acceptable alternative material because of its significant advantage in cost and higher resistance to migration while providing the same level of conductivity as silver.

NAMICS is developing conductive copper pastes which have high conductivity with 200 deg C curing. Even as development is continuing, we can provide evaluation samples of the three types of copper pastes shown below.