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Materials Supply

To all our partners

Inspired by our corporate philosophy “to achieve universal happiness and a prosperous natural environment through creativity and innovation”, NAMICS is expanding our sales around the world. We are fully compliant with the social standards not only in Japan but also in our partners’ countries throughout the procurement process. We seriously take our social responsibility, including environmental conservation, and continue to strive for mutual prosperity with our partners while maintaining and further developing our current successful relationships.

NAMICS' materials purchasing policy


1. Procurement of Best Possible Materials

   We carefully select our partners and carry out our business with them according to our rational
   and clear standards regarding quality control, price, stability of supply, company reliability,
   environmental conservation, and non-use of conflict minerals.

2. Striving for Fair Procurement at the Most Reasonable Price

   In principle, we compare and evaluate quotes from multiple partners to ensure a fair
   partners fairly and as equals.

3. Promoting Green Procurement

   We promote green procurement with consideration for natural resource protection and
   environmental conservation.

4. Compliance

   We strictly comply with the social standards in our partners' countries.

5. Confidentiality

   We strictly maintain the confidentiality of information obtained from our partners
   in the procurement process.

6. Respect for Human Rights, Occupational Health & Safety

   We respect basic human rights in our partners' business and endeavor to ensure
   occupational safety and health.