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Toward Environmental Conservation


NAMICS acquired ISO14001 certification in November 2003 with successful implementation of an environment management system for a structural approach to environmental activities. We will continue to proactively put our efforts into environmental conservation activities such as an efficient utilization of finite fuel resources and prevention of global warming through reduction of CO2 emissions, demonstrating that we are a company friendly to people as well as to the global environment.

Reuse of Waste Resources

We are putting our efforts into a reduction and a reuse of waste resources. Waste plastics, for example, are recycled after an incineration treatment as roadbed materials. Waste solvent is thermally recycled. Thus, we are focusing on reusing waste resources to maintain a recycling rate over 99%.

Cinder after incinerationCinder after incineration

Recycled roadbed materialsRecycled roadbed materials

Energy Efficiency

The company strives for energy efficiency in daily usage by setting a guideline in addition to the annual target.
Some of our achievements in energy usage reduction include radiation reduction enabled by applying films on the glass surfaces, and a daily-energy-consumption-volume reduction from 432 Kw to 389 Kw by reducing indoor heat release and using inverters in two circulating fluid systems of pumps.

Glass surface film
Glass surface film

Green Procurement

The company purchases production materials with a small environmental load, including raw materials, containers, and packages, in order to provide environmentally-friendly products. With the cooperation of our partner suppliers, we conduct inspections for chemical substances contained in production materials according to the green-procurement criteria which set the internal criteria of chemical substances.
The demand to be compliant with the restriction of chemical substances contained in the products has been continuously increasing across the globe. To meet the demand, we continue to focus on maintaining and developing further reliable management of chemicals contained in products through constantly collecting the latest information.

Plant Facility Designed for Environmental Impact Reduction

NAMICS is committed to preventing any water contamination occurrence in public water areas. Before waste water is discharged into the Japan Sea via the Agano River, it is strictly controlled and treated in a waste water treatment facility. We are fully compliant with the related laws and regulations. The waste water treatment facility is regularly inspected and fixed whenever necessary, to ensure stable operation. Additionally, we monitor and test the water quality to comply with the effluent standards.
We also take the initiative with a focus on mitigating and preventing air pollution by monitoring each particulate concentration of Sox, Nox, and particulates in the mouth of exhaust ducts.

Wastewater treatment facilities
Wastewater treatment facilities

Environmental Training for Our People

We provide environmental education and trainings to all employees, aiming for sharing and raising awareness of our corporate philosophy and our mission for environmental conservation.
In addition to our basic and specialist trainings on the environment, the importance of managing chemical substances contained in the products is also taught based on the guidelines for the management of chemical substances in products proposed by the Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI).
The company also provides trainings to responsible personnel about risk assessment, safety, and handling of hazardous and toxic substances and organic solvents. We strive for maintaining and further improving a secure and safe working environment.

Environmental training
Environmental training