Die Attach Adhesive (Chipcoat)

Die Attach Adhesive applications

Key Features

Die attach adhesive is an insulator that is dispensed in a pattern, and is used to bond the opposite side of the circuit on an IC chip, which has conductive bumps, to a mounting substrate.

Property Data

Product Number Characteristics Applications Viscosity
Curing condition Tg
DA 8483 Printable, B-Stage type Die attach for DRAM package 55 B-stage: 130℃, 40min
Final cure: 175℃, 2h
DA 8481-13 Dispensing Die attach for BGA package 12 ramp up to 150℃ for 30 min
+ hold for 30min
DA 8488-7 High thermal conductivity, Dispensing Die attach BGA package 14 40
DA 8472-1 High thermal conductivity
for white LED
Die attach for LED 15 160℃, 60min 90


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