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  • NAMICS New Headquarters Production Building  

    May 26, 2017

    NAMICS New Production Building at Nigorikawa Kita-ku Niigata city.


    To meet customer’s demands and environmental needs that become more sophisticated every day, we completed construction of a new production building at our headquarters location in May, 2017.


    The new production building will help us achieve greater efficiency and higher productivity in production and logistics as well as expanding the available manufacturing area. In addition, the new building incorporates the latest construction standards for withstanding natural disasters and provides a safer environment for our people.


    NAMICS continues to strive toward our objectives of responding to customer’s needs and contributing to the local community.


    ■New Production Building Planning


    Based on the concept of various “Connections” with our stakeholders, we designed the building and its function with consideration for the following points.
    1.  Building shape of a triangle considering the relationship to the main road adjacent to our site.


    2. Employee workload reduction, Safety and Productivity improvements by installing vertical transportation / automatic warehouse systems in the building.


    3. Highly earthquake resistant building with foundation design and construction methods taking soil

    liquefaction into consideration


    4. Eco-friendly building utilizing energy saving equipment such as LED lighting


    Building footprint: approximately 3,900㎡

    Total floor area: approximately 12,000㎡


    New Production Building Photographs