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  • NAMICS completes a new facility, NAMICS ADFLEMA SITE (NAS)  

    January 05, 2012

    NAMICS’ motto is to supply the “Only 1 and No.1” products.


    NAMICS ADFLEMA SITE (NAS) was completed in the fall of 2011.  This location is one of our bases for creative R&D and is designed to meet highly sophisticated and constantly changing customers’ needs.  The facility includes an ideal environment for the development and production of our new ADFLEMA film products.


    We emphasized the following in the design of this new facility.

    1. A highly advanced research environment

    2. Close cooperation in the development of high-volume-production processes and raw materials for the “Only 1 and No.1” products

    3. Harmony with the surrounding environment and nature


    NAS is located next to NAMICS TECHNO-CORE (NTC) which has a very progressive R&D environment, highly advanced testing and analytical equipment, and a highly advanced security system. Through the utilization of NTC’s capabilities, NAS is well equipped to be very responsive to customer requests.


    Furthermore, based on the cooperative development of processes and raw materials, NAS will produce excellent film products with high performance and high quality.  It will play a major role as the base for the development and production of this important new product line.




    ■ Outline of NAMICS ADFLEMA SITE

      1.    Location             :   Kita-ku, Niigata-city, Niigata-prefecture

      2.    Site area             :   29,968.76m2

       3.    Building area     :   3,704.69m2


    ■ Completion View