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WLP glass paste for MEMS


  • Hermetic seals achieved at temperatures as low as 320℃
  • Hermetically seal low thermal expansion materials such as silicon, alumina, Kovar
  • Paste can be screen-printed, stencil-printed or dispensed.


  • Wafer bonding for wafer-level packaging (WLP) of MEMS and other devices
  • Attaching Kovar and ceramic lids to packages
  • Attaching glass and quartz windows to packages
  • Attaching lenses to optical assemblies



  • DM2700P/J105 is a fine particle-size sealing paste.
  • It allows for thinner, uniform bondline thicknesses in certain applications.


  • Hermetic seals achieved at temperatures from 480℃ to 500℃

■Typical properties

item Viscosity Line thickness(μm) Peak dwell temperature Tg CTE(25 to 125℃)
DM2700P/J105 90,000 cP 50-125 350℃1min 215℃ 7.7ppm / ℃
DM2995P/J204 110,000 cP 50-125 500℃1min 360℃ 6.4ppm / ℃